Mineralyte – Active Hydrate Mineral Blast Drink Mix (125ml)


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The ACTIVE Hydrate Mineral Blast Drink Mix contains 21 natural electrolytes, minerals and trace elements to aid with hydration before, during, and after exercise or fun in the sun. Suitable for the whole family, this sugar-free hydrating drink mix is also suitable for when dietary intake is inadequate.


No sugar

No artificial sweetners

Each bottle will give you 62 serves  (if used according to directions)

For adults and children aged 5+

Add 2ml adults (20 drops) or 1ml children 5+ (10 drops) to 500ml of water or your drink of choice, including hot drinks. Can also be added to food. We recommend not exceeding 4 serves per day.

 Sea Minerals, Aqua, Chloride, Magnesium. 

2 ml in Diluted drink 500ml serve

Chloride 230mg 

Magnesium 108mg

Sulphur 11.2mg 

Potassium 3.89mg

Sodium 3.9mg

Boron 590μg

Calcium 430μg

Silicon 5.62μg 

Phosphorus 2.2μg

Iron 0.49μg

Zinc 0.32μg

Energy 0

Fat 0

Protein 0

Carbohydrate 0

Sugars 0


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