Karma Bites – Popped Lotus Seeds – Himalayan Pink Salt (25g)


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Super tasty and healthy – Karma Bites are crispy spheres of wholesome goodness. They are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, low in fat, low in calories and are a source of protein.

Himalayan Pink Salt is pure. Its got minerals. Its got health benefits. Its a match made in heaven for Karma Bites.

Energy (kj) €“ 1695, 405kcal (per 100g), 423, 101kcal (per 25g)
Fat (g) €“ 20.8 (per 100g), 5 (per 25g)
of which saturates (g) €“ 3.1 (per 100g), 0.75 (per 25g)
Carbohydrates (g) €“ 68.1 (per 100g), 17 (per 25g)
of which sugars (g) €“ 1.4 (per 100g), 0.3 (per 25g)
Fibre (g) €“ 1.9 (per 100g), 0.5 (per 25g)
Protein (g) €“ 9.2 (per 100g), 2.3 (per 25g)
Salt (g) €“ 1.3 (per 100g), 0.3 (per 25g)

Popped Lotus Seeds, Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt.


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